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Lessons on Drug Access and Acceptability

Beyond measures limiting the access to drugs, including maintaining the current control policy of illegality, the other primary factor curbs drug use is reducing their perceived acceptability. Conversely, greater attitudes of acceptance toward drug use tend to increase consumption. A...

/ January 1, 2017

De facto Legalization?

Ultimately, a country like Guatemala or Honduras could decide to go it alone and not pursue any cartel, whether violent or not. This essentially would imply the de facto legalization of drug trafficking. Countries in the region less affected by...

/ January 1, 2017

Central America’s Case

Today, Guatemala and Honduras have the 2nd and 5th highest homicide rates in the world, but they already placed 7th and 3rd in 2005, two years before the Mexican cartels established their presence. Additionally, their neighbor, El Salvador, has little...

/ January 1, 2017