Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine Overview

Cocaine’s cheaper smokable version of crack cocaine left an even larger indelible mark on America’s inner cities like no other drug has. Crack cocaine is essentially the heated oil-free-base form of cocaine (which can also be smoked) converted back into...

/ January 3, 2017

Crack Cocaine Effects

When smoking pure cocaine in its freebase form, although less common today, or smoking crack cocaine, it takes only 10 seconds for the drug to reach the brain. The high peaks after 5 minutes, but lasts no longer than 15...

/ January 2, 2017

Long-term Crack Effects

In addition to all of the immediate and long-term symptoms resulting from using cocaine, crack users can also experience bleeding in the lungs from the bursting of small blood vessels. Crack can cause a chronic cough that can contains phlegm...

/ January 1, 2017