Traditional Supply Side Measures


The most widely used tool to keep drugs produced in other countries from entering the U.S. and other consumer countries is drug interdiction. From 2010-2014, heroin seizures totaling 5 tons grew by 81%, while the heroin seized at the U.S.-Mexico...

/ January 3, 2017

Crop Eradication

Crop eradication has been the primary strategy of the U.S. and governments of producer countries of marijuana, coca and opium poppies to reduce the production of illegal drugs at their source. The U.S. began using crop eradication in the early...

/ January 2, 2017

Alternative Development

The softer version of crop eradication is alternative development, which uses financial incentives and training to help marginalized farmers switch to other crops such as coffee, instead of coca or opium poppies. Given its focus on poor rural populations, it...

/ January 1, 2017