Our Mission

SmartDrugPolicy is a resource and voice to help understand the evolution of the global drug problem in order to develop meaningful policy reform without legalization. We provide you news and analysis on the latest developments and drug policy reform that is accessible to both policy makers and informed citizens.

Both persistent drug use, especially of deadly heroin and prescription opiates, as well as the unintended consequences created by the 45-year-old war on drugs requires new policies that will alleviate the symptoms and causes contributing to drug use, abuse, crime and violence. A drug free society may be an impossibility given the human condition, but SmartDrugPolicy believes that new policies must seek to minimize drug use while reducing the harms associated with drug production and trafficking borne mostly by developing countries.

Comprehending the underlying conditions that contribute to production, trafficking and consumption is as important as analyzing the nuances of policies that work and those that do not. We take an integrated, historical approach to understanding the chain from drug production to drug use as well as the policies adopted to-date. Too often, the challenges presented by drugs are viewed from the perspective of either, consumption, trafficking or production. SmartDrugPolicy seeks to break these barriers with the ultimate goal of reaching more consensus on policy goals that are fair to all.